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Embroidery Meets Style + Fashion

After suffering from postpartum anxiety and depression after the birth of her second child, Natalie exited the corporate world to focus on her health and being the best mama possible. Through an endless amount of self-care, one of her therapeutic outlets, embroidery, spring-boarded into a business. Meet Natalie, the founder – maker – designer of Made In Minn! Where all things embroidered meet style + fashion.

Made In Minn launched in July of 2020 – Natalie had no plans of starting her own business. This journey has allowed her to refocus on herself, family, and then others. Being able to use the creative side of her brain, which hadn’t been tapped into for nearly 15 years, has been very freeing. Embroidery and designing grounds her.

Natalie works on a variety of fabrics – everything from blended cotton sweatshirts, twill baseball caps, canvas totes, to cotton towels, etc. The possibilities are endless!

It’s now your turn to enjoy Natalie’s creativity through her work. Each of her pieces are intricately embroidered and created with intentions of gifting – to yourself or to another.

You can shop Made In Minn products on our website and in stores across the Greater Twin Cities - Metro area. From up north to down south, and on the east coast! Continue to follow Natalie’s journey here and watch her product lines diversify.

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